Strategy and

Maglan Capital, is an event-driven hedge fund with a core focus on liquid instruments of companies approaching or experiencing bankruptcy, restructuring and operational turnaround.

Our unique distressed capabilities, enables our focus on all parts of the distressed cycle (the downdraft, the trough and the recovery) and across the capital structure.

Relying on fundamental, bottom-up analysis, the Fund concentrates its core investments in situations with near- to medium-term catalysts (12-24 months) including debt securities (secured corporate loans, secured and unsecured bonds) and equity.


Create value for investors by achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns through all parts of the distressed cycle

Depth of

Experience includes positions in senior-level investment banking, legal, portfolio management, enterprise building and in-depth operational evaluation of corporations in distress, bankruptcy and restructuring situations

Steven Azarbad and David D. Tawil bring a combined 30+ years of investing, restructuring and business management skills to Maglan Capital

Portfolio Composition
and Risk Management

80% of the portfolio in single-name, core long positions (debt and equity), without material leverage

Alpha-generating shorts and market hedges (e.g. S&P, VIX, Gold)

Alignment of Interests

The General Partners have invested a substantial portion of their liquid net-worth in the Fund (>$15mm)